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PC-CLEANER: Repair your registry, fixed... in seconds!

PC-CLEANER: Repair your registry, fixed... in seconds!Is your PC performing poorly? Does your PC crash or freeze frequently? Do you have error messages constantly popping up? Is your PC running slow? Do you have programs that you just can't get off your computer?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you must consider our registry cleaning program PC-Cleaner. Get a COMPLETELY FREE REGISTRY SCAN NOW!

If registry problems are not quickly repaired they can only get worse and lead to a complete crash and data loss. Protect yourself and fix your registry problems with just a few clicks.

We know that it really isn't your fault. Over time with normal use computers tend to lose their performance. This is due to poorly written programs or malicious spyware and adware.

Even when you try to remove them they are either hard to get rid of or never uninstall completely, leaving unused entries in your Windows registry. This unnecessary slows down the performance of the computer as all of those unused entries are loaded in your PC memory. Our registry cleaner will inspect your registry and identify such entries. It will repair them, getting your PC fixed and in good shape. Now there is something you can do about your registry problems: get a FREE REGISTRY SCAN TODAY!


What is the Windows Registry Anyway?

The Windows registry is a centralized location where information about your computer is stored. As you use your PC the registry keeps growing since it tracks all the changes in your configuration. Over time it accumulates a lot of obsolete and unnecessary information, which slows down your system. If you actively use your computer your registry gradually grows but it also gets more and more cluttered. Registry growth can deteriorate your system performance and be the cause for numerous error messages and other unwanted behavior. In order to have the most of your computer use you need to periodically clean your system registry with an adequate tool. PC-CLEANER is an excellent choice for this job that we developed with the end user in mind!

But what does a registry cleaner do?

PC-CLEANER scans the Windows system registry and finds obsolete or corrupted entries in it. Fixing this incorrect information in Windows registry allows your system to run faster and error free. But we did not stop just there. PC-CLEANER comes with complete backup and restore functions that put you in control of your Windows Registry. That enables you to “turn back time” in case your registry experiences system failure, that is to bring back a state of the registry that is known to be good. We walked the extra mile to let you have the most of your registry repair experience and we strongly caution against any utility that promises registry fix but does not offer a backup function.

But why don’t you see it for yourself? Download PC-CLEANER registry cleaner and get help for your Windows registry and PC that runs smoother, with less undesired interruptions.

Ok but why is PC-CLEANER better than the other registry cleaners?

The answer is simple. Because it gives you more while being very simple to use. Here's what some other registry repair tools have to offer.

Still not convinced?
Registry Cleaner
Competitor A
Registry Cleaner
Competitor B
Registry Cleaner
Eliminates Problems with:  
Add/Remove Programs
Application Path Keys
COM/ActiveX Keys
File Extensions Keys
Help & Resources Keys
Most Recently Used List Keys
Shared DLL Keys
Shared Folder Keys
Shell Extensions Keys
Sounds and Application Events Keys
Windows Fonts Keys
Startup Programs
Advanced Features:  
Registry Backup
Custom Registry Scan
Custom Shortcut Manager
Custom File Association Manager
Custom Uninstaller
Supported Platforms:  
Supports Windows 2000
Supports Windows XP
Supports Windows XP 64 bit
Supports Windows Vista
Supports Windows 7

Try our registry cleaner PC-CLEANER and get registry scan NOW!