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1) Scanning your registry

2) Repairing Errors in your registry

3) Backing-up your registry

4) Restoring your registry

5) Scheduling regular maintenance of your registry

6) Advanced Features

a) General Settings

b) Custom Scans

c) Shortcut Settings

d) Ignore List

e) File Associations

f) Uninstaller

g) User Assistant

7) Registration

Scanning your registry

From the main application window click on Scan Registry and then on Start Scan at the bottom. PC-CLEANER will scan your registry for problems end report the results to you. Errors are shown In the Scanning Result portion of the window along with their nature, severity and other information. You can repair them by clicking on the Repair button. Repairing the registry is described bellow.

1) 2)

Repairing Errors in your registry

Once a scan is complete and there are errors that need repair you can simply click Repair and confirm to PC-CLEANER that you want to eliminate those errors. PC-CLEANER then proceeds to fix the registry entries and your computer registry is now optimized. Please note that in order to perform this operation you need to have a registered copy of PC-CLEANER, see Register for details. Advanced users might want to user the backup function to create a copy of the registry if the old version of the registry will be needed.

Backing-up your registry

This feature allows you to store a copy of your current registry for potential restore in the future. Registry files will be stored in C:\Program Files\PC-Cleaner\Backup unless you specified custom location in the Advanced Settings. Simply click on Start Backup and PC-CLEANER will create a copy of your current registry.

Restoring your registry

This feature allows you to restore previously backed-up version of your registry. In the main window click on Restore Registry, then in the right panel select the date on which you created the backup. Once you select a specific date the lower right panel displays all the registry entries that will be restored. To start the restoring process click on Start Restore. Please be advised that this option may take a while depending on the size of your registry and that it is intended for advanced users.

Scheduling regular maintenance of your registry

PC-CLEANER allows you to perform regular maintenance of your registry to keep your computer in good shape. Click on Task Schedule and then you can Enable Scheduler. You have various time selection options and you can select from the following actions: Scan the registry or Backup the registry.

Advanced Features

These features are intended for advanced users who want more control over their registry. The features include: General Settings, Custom Scan, Shortcut Settings, Ignore List, File Associations, Uninstaller and User Assistant.

General Settings

Setup of your application paths and preferences.

Custom Scan

Select which registry entries will be included and excluded from scanning.

Shortcut Settings

Setup the locations of the shortcut settings.

Ignore List

Right click here to add/remove custom entries which will be ignored from scanning.

File Associations

Use this screen to menage your file associations.


Use this screen to remove programs that you no longer need.

User Assistant

Custom access to various registry entries.


In order to enjoy the full capabilities of PC-CLEANER you have to complete the one step registration process. Registered users enjoy various benefits including reduced pricing for new releases as well as promotional pricing on some of our other products.

Please select Register from the main menu and hit the Buy Now button as shown below.